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About Me

      My name is Randy Drais, a lifelong resident of York, Pennsylvania. My great-great-grandfather, Felix, was a private in Company A, 12th U.S. Infantry Regiment, First Brigade (Colonel Hannibal Day), Second Division (Brigadier General Romeyn Ayres), in Major General George Sykes' V Corps.
      Felix was wounded on July 2, 1863, during the battle for the Wheatfield and Little Round Top.
Shot through both legs, he was taken to a field hospital (possibly the Jacob Weikert farm) and then probably to Camp Letterman before convalescing further in a home in nearby Littlestown.
      Although a native of Columbus, Ohio, Felix returned to the Gettysburg area in 1864 and married Laura Will, the lady in Littlestown who helped to take care of him. Purchasing a 178-acre farm (now better known as the Granite Hill Camping Resort) outside of nearby Fairfield, Felix and Laura raised nine children. Years later, when he was too old to run the farm, he moved into Gettysburg, building his own house on Springs Avenue, which still stands today. Felix died in 1915, and along with several family members, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery.
      I have created this website to honor his memory and all the soldiers who fought at Gettysburg. May they all rest in peace and eternal honor.

      If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about my website, please do not hesitate to email me at

(Signature of my great-great grandfather on an attic wall in the old farmhouse at Granite Hill Camping Resort)

        In addition to the individuals and organizations already acknowledged throughout my website, I would also like to thank the following individuals for their assistance in providing other additional information, conducting research, and going along on “field trips”:
       Greg Ainsworth, Mark Anderson, Steve Andrews, Warren Atkins, Jackie Bailey, Bernie Becker, Ed Bell, Walt Boyson, Chris Brenner, Richard Brewer, Alan Brunelle, Roger Burke, Jonathan Cape, Jeff and Suzie Cheeks, Russ Corleto, Ray Davis, Kendra Debany, Ed Doadt, Diane Dolan, Audrey Cooper Daugherty, Joe Doyle, Codie Eash, Tom Elmore, Paul Errett, Truman Eyler, Bob and Kim Fissel, Lew and Ginny Gage, Bob George, Larry Gertner, Jim Golub, Pat Gross, Tammy Harkleroad, Mark Jerome, Stacy Kilts, Michael King, Kent Kirkley, Tom Kreidler, Barry Larkin, Alan Leeti, Mark Leik, Alan and Louise Tipton Mains, Andre Mammino, Susan Martin, Mike McAdams, Kathleen McCan, Keith and Sheila McGill, Summar Melton, Dale Miller, John Miller, Tom Miller, Scott Mingus, Bill O'Brien, Mike O’Dell, Stan O'Donnell, Ken and Patricia Rich, Eric Richardson, Ken Rowlette, Jim Semler, Kim and Becky Shayda, Lisa Shower, Melanie Sterling, Julie Phipps Stoltzfoos, R. B. Swift, Mike Walker, Mike Waricher, Millie Weaver, and Don Wiles.

Thank you all for your help and friendship !!!   

Copyright 2008. Randy Drais. All rights reserved.