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Websites of Interest

In addition to the many links scattered throughout my website, I have only begun to
research the thousands and thousands of websites out there dealing to some degree
with the Battle of Gettysburg. Here is a just a sample of what is out there that I feel
may be of interest:

Basic Links:




Discussion Groups:    (Gettysburg Discussion Group)   

Freemasons at the Battle of Gettysburg:

Lee's Retreat:



Preservation Organizations:    (American Battlefield Trust)

Strategy and Tactics:    (De Jomini’s “The Art of War”)

Trivia:    (20 interesting and different trivia quizzes ranging from "Average" to "Impossible")

Other Topics:    (annual reports of the Gettysburg National Military Park Commission from 1893-1904)    (National Museum of Civil War Medicine)     (The Official Records of the Civil War)    (New York Volunteer Regiments and more)    (Official Records of the War of the Rebellion)    (Association of Licensed Gettysburg Battlefield Guides)    (Confederate Veteran magazine)    (Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiments)


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